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Different in SEO between 2012- 2014



Hi, this is ever 1st post on my SEO blog website – Geek Edge. I like to talk about how much different in SEO from 2012- 2014.

There are seem lot of changes in between by “Google Slap Update”, Ouch…But there is something core part still the same,

just that you need to take care on keyword diversity, Natural looks link patent & Website Branding.


(A picture shows that what I write on my white board since 2011, most of it still works in 2014)


The graph I draw on white board is looks like a solar system   😛

Think of your Website (money site as Sun – the core of the solar system)

then your money site have some small planet surround by (the close to your money site one is Tier 1 & the far planet as Tier 2)


The Natural linking Patent

So the tier 1 is web2.0 property, Social site (facebook, Twitter, Google +, youtube…etc) that have link to your Money Site.

Tier 2 is massive links that link to your all Tier 1 sites randomly. Tier 2 are mostly low quality blog comment or Wiki site that with a link back to tier 1 sites.

Some people also create another Tier 3 for safety purpose, just in case Over Kill the links on Tier 1 or 2.
(Update: 25/ JULY /2015 : the seo expert suggest spread your tier up to 4 or 5  for better ranking results as Google can track down all links building tier up to tier 4 ) 


SEO 2014 Highlight

  • Don’t Over Optimize the anchor text & keyword
  • 1-2% only Keyword density for Main Keyword
  • Use Symptoms version of Keyword
  • LSI/ Long Tails Keywords
  • Branding your Money site & make it looks like an Authority Website in your Targeted Niche


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Posted on Oct 7, 2014

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