(Live case study number 1) JULY 2015

Niche: Dentist Singapore

5800 people looking for dental services in Singapore

It’s all about target traffic to your website.

Why you need to stay on page 1 perhaps spot #1(top) on Google SERPS( google search result pages)

• Get targeted traffic (40% traffic of total monthly search on target keyword)

• targeted traffic become potential lead/customer, then get close the deal (sales)


Once you unlock the content, go to (www.google.com.sg) and search the keyword,
see where did your website show up on (page 1? 2 or 3 or nothing, nowhere?)



If your website show on page 2? Here is the FACT about page 2

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results

(because no one give a shit on page 2)

page 2 on google
Well, this is what happen usually if your website been found on page 3

What about Page 3 (been hire someone do cheap seo and stuck on page 3 forever)

The Page 3 Feel



So, now you get it and understand how important for your website to show up on page 1 (the top 5 spot better)

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