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Mobile Friendly Update: Get this done, you are save.

Mobile Friendly Search Traffic

Why? because Google Say So!

Back to 2013 Google’s huge algorithm update to clean out the spam website just to

bring better search result to user experience. Now in 2015, it’s another Huge algorithm update: Mobile friendly website.


With that being said, make sure your website are mobile friendly.


Example if your website are not mobile friendly:

if your Website being rank on page 1 and get tons of organic traffic in the past, will lose 60% of the organic traffic after this Google algorithm update.(Google roll out this update on 21th of April 2015)


*Hint: maybe you haven’t feel the loss yet, because it just the beginning of Google algorithm update, sooner of later you will feel it.
links to check your website for mobile friendly test (keep reading before you check it out)

How to fix it?

1) talk to your web designer to rebuild the website with mobile friendly feature (which is pain in the butt)

2) if your website is build with wordpress, there is a simple way by just change to a mobile-friendly theme.(not the best, but still ok)
or you can use wordpress plug-in called “Jet-Pack” to fix it (activate and link with wordpress account)

3) for advanced solution from seo expert: contact me or enquiries and I will fix it by build you a customize mobile version of your current website
(with special SEO optimize of course)




P.S. Huge advantage if you act fast:

your website ranking can be ahead over the big player, as there are many giant companies out there which their website are not mobile friendly.


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Posted on Apr 26, 2015

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